Why I Vote the Way I Do

J Marie Morgan
2 min readNov 9, 2018


Our economic system encourages us to be moved by selfishness far more often than by generosity and mercy.

American altruists do not outnumber American self-preservationists.

And this is why I vote the way I do.

I vote the way I do because many people need the incentive of not being arrested or fined to care for the orphan, the widow, and the foreigner. We need laws to hold us accountable to those who cannot do or speak for themselves or else we’ll keep filling our pockets and stuffing our mouths to the detriment of those struggling for their basic needs. We need more than our pleasures and preferences to govern us — otherwise, we end up communicating with our actions that there isn’t enough to go around…

…and (by extension) that some of us have more dignity and value than others.

I vote the way I do because the personal is political (to gently repurpose the phrase). Everyone doesn’t have the resources to shrug off the results of an election either way it goes.

There are people who tangibly and nearly immediately feel the consequences of what I do at the polls. And those are the people I vote for.

I vote for them.

What do you think? When you vote, what or whom do you have in mind?

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